Wicked Lulu by Miri

Photos by Nutcase Photography and Shaun Seak Photography~

Miku Append

Photo by Ryusei

Cosplayed as Oshino Shinobu (Mongatari season 2) for AFA!

eatshoe asked:
I saw the photo of your Jinx and I must say that you're such a cutie!! I want to ask how did you do the wig?


Hihi! The way I did the Jinx wig was kinda simple! Hope this helps!

(pardon the lack of makeupppp)


1. Cut the side of the wig near your cheeks shorter with the right side slightly longer than the left

2.Split the fringe into two sections

3. Take the right section and pin most of it up. Make sure that the pin is hidden

4. Bend the other section over the first on at an angle and pin it up too

5.I secured the middle of the fringe with a pin too because my fringe is short :)

6. Adjust till you’re happy with the shape and hairspray it to keep it in place

7. Pleat the rest of the wig and you’re done!

Good luck <3

Since she’s coming out on the Garena server today, have some Jinx!

I don’t have the features suitable for her but its still pretty fun to try out her makeup~ (not really going to cosplay her though!)


Blake by Miri

Yang by Xero

Top photo by Strife, bottom photo by Still Costography


Blake by Miri

Yang by Xero

Photos by RuiRui Fantasy Heaven

We are still missing two members! I was so happy when Yang and Blake became partners cause then our coses matched!

Ruby and Weiss are still lost in the forest hehe

From Cosfest
Wreak it Ralph
Vanellope by Miri
Photo by Garion Photography

From Cosfest

Wreak it Ralph

Vanellope by Miri

Photo by Garion Photography

In this city…there are no people.The lights are on in all the houses but there’s nobody on the streets. 
Nobody comes outside anymore. There are no people in this city.

Chii by Miri

Photo by Simply Random

Recently made a tumblr for all the things I find beautiful or heartbreaking in this world

—-> wishonfairylights

Will be posting some graphics and gifs I made there as well :3

From Cosfest

Wreak it Ralph

Vanellope by Miri

From left to right -> #1 by RuiRui Fantasy Heaven, #4,#6 by Blurmage Photography, #2,#3,#5,#7 by Garion Photography

From Cosfest

League of Legends

Panda Annie by Miri

New hair

Honestly can’t really decide if I like it yet :/

For the longest time the sky made me feel lonely.
When I held your hand and we laughed together,
What was it that we feared?
What was it that we hid?


Open my heart with it’s key!
"Open Ranka!"


Ranka by Miri

Photo by Ning

Vanellope at Cosfest!